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zhenhai forum of integrating innovation and wisdom creats the future


  on the afternoon of december 14th, a grand communication meeting which belonged to entrepreneurial innovation talents, the 2016 entrepreneurship and innovation technology forum was held in jiulong lake, zhenhai, ningbo. people who were talented, aspiring and wise gathered in zhenhai, ningbo from all over the world, creating a better life with their wisdom, creativity, science and technology.

  langsheng established a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation teams cooperating with ningbo municipal people’s government overseas chinese affairs office, people’s government of zhenhai district and ningbo overseas youth innovation and entrepreneurship committee, economic cooperation bureau of zhenhai district, with the theme of “integrating innovation and wisdom creates the future”, which aimed to promote the communication and sharing of science and technology and talents. it was ought to focus on innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, give full play to characteristics and advantages of all parties, actively expand field of cooperation, effectively improve efficiency of collaboration, and achieve to have a better integration between innovative achievement and industry, market, and economy.

standing committee of zhenhai district committee, director of logistics hub port management committee yu quanyun, director of ningbo overseas chinese affairs office gu zheng respectively made an opening speech for the forum.

standing committee of zhenhai district committee, director of logistics hub port management committee yu quanyun 

director of ningbo overseas chinese affairs office gu zheng

  the chairman of langsheng investment mr. ping fan also made an opening speech. mr. ping fan said he would like to regard this speech as a report rather than an address, a speech representing that langsheng investment kept its original heart in mind and handed in an answer sheet to zhenhai, ningbo.

the chairman of langsheng investment mr. ping fan was reporting

  ping fan said“every year we all endeavor to share the most forefront industry perspectives, analyze future trend in the field of investment and introduce leading innovative projects to our guests. therefore, we also invite the founders of our invested companies, industry-leading experts and scholars to do the keynote speeches, and arrange experts within the field to sit together and have an in-depth dialogue, with the expectation of bringing a new investment sight and different views to you. ”

  science and technology is the foundation for the prosperity of country, innovation is the soul for the progress of nation, scientific and technological innovation increasingly becomes an important foundation and symbol of developing productive force, which growing determines a country’s and a nation’s development process. science and technology is regarded as the first productive force while talents are the first element of productivity, “to make produce smarter” needs more high quality talents.

  therefore, we invited a number of outstanding industry elites, they were practitioners of innovation and entrepreneurship and outshone in every walk of life.

  chairman and ceo of yiguo and founder of enmore zhang ye, ceo of shanghai gener tech co., ltd (“gener”) li ye as well as chairman and senior vice president xu junquan respectively made a speech with the subject of “wisdom” on behalf of the industry’s elites.

zhang ye-wisdom make a change” keynote speech

“science and technology changes life, and win and lead the fresh era”

(yiguo is china’s the first and the largest fresh electrical commerce supplier and fresh data enterprise, and promotes to a pure and pute unicorn, whose valuation has reached more than 10 billion rmb in the last c round of financing.)

zhang ye-”wisdom and announcement” keynote speech

 manufacturing enterprises’ service transformation with the support of industrial big data

  li hua said “the promotion of enterprises’ production efficiency and sales has an inseparable relationship with the realization of intelligentialize, and big data is the key to support. gener is the only supplier which can provide an integrated solution method that a health management of equipment intelligentzing for the aviations and motor vehicles. based on data and intelligence, combining mobile internet technology, gener is committed to help customers achieve the change from digitization to intelligentialize in the railway, aviation and other fields. ”

xu junquan“wisdom -future” keynote speech

technological change of national health era

  different from the traditional medical philosophy, precision medicine develops a personalized prevention and treatment scheme with the consideration of the differences between each individual. and in order to achieve this goal of personalized treatment, on condition that the precision medicine utilizes molecular diagnosis taking genetic testing as the core and collects the patients’ molecular information so as to provide the doctors’ clinical decision-making with an “accurate” support and basis.

  in the following interactive dialogue session with the theme of “wisdom changes the life – precision medicine leads a healthy life”, a number of guests from different fields had a professional thinking collision, which positively guided awareness of healthy life and the development direction of health industry through wonderful dialogue and communication.

  with a wide application of new generation’s information technologies such as cloud computing, mobile internet and internet of things and an increasingly mature of social information and enterprise information, people begin to realize the huge social value and commercial value of big data, big data will also set off a wave of change in many fields. therefore, langsheng invited professional guests to have a topic discussion of “wisdom creates the best times – data leads the industry change” in this forum, every distinguished guest respectively shared that the big data had an influence on medical, consumer, financial, internet of things and its benefits.

  the forum came to an end along with guests’ communication and sharing, while such a communication was just a beginning of success.

as a “twin engines” to achieve the quality raise, efficiency increase and upgrading of china’s economy, government will continue to create a good atmosphere to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation, constantly improve system and mechanisms, improve inclusive policy measures, enhance overall coordination, build a booming policy environment, institutional environment and public service system conductive to popular entrepreneurship and innovation, make millions of entrepreneurs active, converge a huge economic and social development momentum. langsheng will continue to uphold beginner’s mind, sincerity set up a platform for investors and our invested enterprises, cheer and boost on the road of enterprises’ growth.